What CRAZY days…


Too much has happened this past week…

I can’t even remember what I did after school on Wednesday. I know I did something. But I can’t remember what.

You know things are crazy when you start to lose hours of your memory. 🙂

But a lot happened for the good.

I am getting married a week from today!

I stayed up all last night packing boxes, and then hauling said boxes up the stairs. This morning at 9 am I rented a U-HAUL and loaded said trailer with 95% of my earthly belongings and moved it to the Yak house. Where I unloaded said U-HAUL. Let’s just say, that if it weren’t for my dad and Jared… (My dad WAS SO MUCH HELP) I might possibly be dead right now. I am pretty sore… and tired.

But my spirit is excited.

Tomorrow I unpack boxes and in the process begin to create my first “home”.

I love being in love. 🙂


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