NOT cool

Credit Card fraud is not a cool thing.

I thought my $500 check had been deposited… meaning my Prius would be on its way soon.

Instead… somewhere in California, someone who has GOT TO BE KIDDING ME,

Bought $172.13 of game stuff from EB Games

Bought $270.65 of Groceries at Ralphs

Bought $113.02 of gas and whatnot at 7-eleven

and finally a dinner at Wienerschnizel for 16.19.

I am unemployed. All the money I have is in my account, and this geek spent half of it.

Last night I cried.

This morning I went to the bank and filed paperwork to get my money back for unauthorized use.

Somehow, in this cruel world… justice has prevailed. ( I get reimbursed in 7-10 days.)

And some idiot in Cali is eating, playing games, and driving…. for free.

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