The Little Things

There are a couple of amazing things that have happened lately that I feel I must share!

1. Two days ago I had just peeled the shell off of my hard boiled egg and split it in half to remove the fatty yolk, and to my surprise… THERE WERE TWO YOLKS! That has never happened to me before. I felt, strangely, special.

2. After classes were finished yesterday, a girl from one of the second year classes hugged me! That is only like the second time EVER a Japanese student has hugged me. But the amazing, and sad, part was how surprised I was by it. I have forgotten to need hugs every day.

3. If you can believe it… I got myself out of bed at 5 am to go walking/jogging this morning. (My 4th day in a row!!!) The surprising part?? It was raining, but I did it anyway!

4. As of today I have 40 days until I come home and 8 days until my mom comes to visit! HECK YES!!!!

5. And finally… I looked out of my balcony window last night, just before the last turtle jumped off the buoy into the water. Usually I wait and wait for them to get off the buoys… there is just something fun about watching a turtle dive, little head first, into the lake. But last night I didn’t have to wait. It just happened. Pretty cool.

It is the joy in the little things that makes my world go ’round.

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