Imagine, for a moment, you are six years old. (Can you remember back that far???) Do you remember that intense feeling of excitement, that only a child can feel, on Christmas Eve?? The anticipation of Santa and presents… the magic of the whole evening… wanting it desperately to be Christmas morning, and knowing you still had to sleep through the night. Remember??

That overwhelming feeling of wanting time to move faster while it feels like it is slowing down is…. frustrating, agonizing… torturing and taunting me.

But instead of being six years old… I am a woman of 22. And instead of Santa (which, ironically spells satan if you mix up the letters… eek!) and presents… I am anticipating  coming home. Being with family and friends and Jared… and relaxing in the comfort that I know I can talk to anyone I want to, at any store, and understand what they are saying!!! Woohoo!!!! GO ME!

But I tell you what… being stuck in the Christmas Eve Syndrome…. is not fun. Especially when getting to sleep at night is important for waking up on time and going to a job.

Anyway, I anticipate that this will be the theme of the days to follow until I arrive in Colorado. So, in order to prevent myself from becoming redundant… and  unless something amazing happens that I must share… this will be my last post from Japan this year.

7 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. hey. i’m going to be in grand junction from tuesday until friday morning. i’ll be back early afternoon on friday. and i’ve gotta start setting up for the morrison brothers/meese show that night at 4:30 ish. so… if you want to do something friday afternoon or anytime on saturday or on sunday let me know. i’d love to see you! give me a call or write me back on here. 303-819-6414. peace!


  2. yes i did. thank you SO much.  you are amazing. i laughed so hard about the calendar, notebook and the mit.  and i enjoyed the delicious taste of calpis (once andrew read the directions to me).  i let my friends try some and their expressions were great.  it isn’t at all what you expect, but its good. hah..and yeah. you never know.  i may start dating someone this semester or i may not date here at all.  either way will be alright.  i’m sorry i didn’t get to see you.  enjoy japan.


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