Goings On

A couple of amazing things have happened lately…

1. Last Thursday, I went to dinner with a group of Japanese women, and talked about boys! (Well, Jared…) It was just like being back home!!!

2. I went on a HIKE, a real honest to goodness hike up a mountain on Sunday with a group of Christians… and had, for the first time since I got here, REAL Christian fellowship!!!

3. SUMO STARTED SUNDAY!!!!! (Enough said)

4. I got to talk to Megan (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!), Jared AND my mom last night!! A treat in the middle of the week!

5. I went into my closet today to find appropriate attire to perform a concert in, and put on the first pair of black pants I remember not being so tight I would pop a button if I sat down. The amazing part???

                 They are now too BIG!!!! ( And I wore them anyway.)

6. I participated in the Culture Day Festival at my school today. Which meant I got to watch my students sing, play instruments… and THEN I got to stand up and play an oboe solo in a song that all the teachers sang…. and it actually sounded ok!!

On the agenda for tonight?? Partying it up with the other teachers at an enkai…

God has really blessed me…

And the countdown to Christmas continues.

1 thought on “Goings On

  1. God certainly has blessed you. He has blessed me as well. I have received so much that I do not deserve. Sumo rocks. Is Asashoryu dominating the action once again? I get to see many relatives this week. My cousins are awesome. We will got o the park and swing on the swings. We will play card games and watch random movies. Yes, relatives are awesome. Have a great day, Aris! See you.


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