Catching a Cold

 Well, like self-fulfilled prophecy…. the stuffy/runny/nastified nose began. It was weird. As suddenly as my sore throat appeared Friday morning, it disappeared Saturday leaving behind lungs full of nastiness I won’t even go into, and a schizophrenic nose that can’t decide if it is stuffy, or runny, or both… but is basically frustrating me to pieces. I took the weekend off for the the most part. I slept most of Saturday… like I went to bed at 9 Friday night and didn’t wake up till about 4 pm Saturday. ( And only then because I couldn’t breathe.)

In the whole ordeal, I have really been blessed. I usually would feel SO MUCH worse right now. But perhaps the concentrated amount of vitamins, vitamin C, allergy medicine, and a few puffs of an asthma inhaler… have not only prevented me from cutting my own head off, but have helped me manage still going to school. (These are the only assortment of pills I have, since going to the pharmacy and trying to decipher Japanese medicines is probably more fatal that translating Japanese food products… and I have not been successful with THAT yet.)

The only part that REALLY sucks out of this whole ordeal, is that being sick makes Aris feel lonely in the USA, where a friend is only a phone call away. Try to get someone in Japan to risk catching your germs in order to watch a movie with you, or give you a back rub. (I don’t think I could get anyone in Japan to give me a back rub when I was healthy, on a GOOD day!) It isn’t going to happen. Oh well. The positive part of this, is that I think I am getting better. AND today is November first!!!

No, those two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But they both make me happy.

I am SO excited that I get to go home next month!!! I really am. I can’t wait to walk into Walmart and purchase medicines that I will bring back with me to Japan… and knowing my luck, I won’t get sick again until they all expire… oh well.


2 thoughts on “Catching a Cold

  1. ARIS! Wow I didn’t know you were on here. How wonderful, I can actually keep up on/with you! I hope you feel better. And don’t try to translate the Japanese medicine. I don’t want a dead Aris on our hands 😉
    It’s so weird to think you’re in Japan. Wow, on the other side of the world. I feel far from home, and I’m at least still in the country….


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