A Wonderful Day

Hard to believe, it’s Tuesday. Yesterday it was Monday and tomorrow is Wednesday.

I know, right? Pointing out the obvious. No, I am not insane, it is just crazy how time has been cut and sized and categorized into measurements of… what?? Life? How many years I’ve lived? How much more time until my next birthday? Not like I need a calendar to tell me that I can’t do the flexible things I used to do when I was 6. I mean seriously.

But how does one describe a day, that was not out of the ordinary. The sun came up, it went down, the breeze blew, the shadows grew and I functioned the way a human does. I went about my tasks that were to be accomplished, and actually finished them all… yes that was an feat a bit out of the ordinary… but a day, nonetheless, like every other day. Something about the day, gave me a renewed sense of self. Perhaps the completion of my goals… maybe. But the significance of the goals was minimal… clean my apartment, write that letter, do the dishes, make the dinner… and the list goes on.

Perhaps, it was that I found enjoyment in those things that I did. Not that I had tried to, it kind of just happened. I enjoyed making fried shrimp for the first time in my life and french fries to boot! I enjoyed the clean feeling of the my apartment, and the joy I got in taking pictures to send home. I enjoyed walking to the bank and the grocery store and being able to get everything on my lst, and some. I enjoyed it. Perhaps, it is not the actual events in which characterize a day, but the satisfaction one finds in doing those events. Not that I have found a secret to doing this, because I still hate washing dishes, doing laundry and hiking up my mountain with 4 bags full of HEAVY groceries. Yet there is satisfaction, in that I don’t have to do those things again for a while. And the state of being “done” which never actually occurs permanently… is experienced for a moment. a moment in an ordinary day… that’s all it took to make yesterday, extraordinary.

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Day

  1. Wow – I understand that feeling. When you live by yourself in an Asian apartment it always feels like there’s a ton of stuff to be done just to keep it feeling like home. Just keeping the place swept and mopped can be a chalenge with all the dust around here. When do we get to see pics of your apartment? I can’t wait to see them!


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