Good afternoon on a rainy and then sunny Monday!

The weather on Awaji is not unsimilar to that in Colorado, in that it can be storming with lightning and thunder one minute and sunny and beautiful the next. One clear difference is that, OBVIOUSLY there is massive humidity. I haven’t used a hair dryer in a week. I put it back in a braid… not such a great look, but definitely cuts back on heat and the frustration of drying and curling the hair, only to have it straightened out as soon as I walk into the thick blanket of moist air. Whatever. Feels good on the skin.

My weekend was rather uneventful. I have no extra spending money until I get paid this week, so I wasn’t able to go to the ‘beer garden’. Yeah, I was thankful for an excuse to get out of it. But since everyone else was going, and I had no money, I got to spend some rather good quality time with myself. Got a schedule all sorted out for working out, and started doing a devotional. Life is most certainly, on the right track. And it rained all day Sunday, which made me go through the last stack of papers sitting on my dresser. Yes… I am almost done sorting through crap! YAY!!! And than I can get busy starting my Japan scrapbook. Yes, another scrapbook. And yes I will most definitely be finishing this one.

I miss talking though. I went almost two days without talking to a single other person. Jared called Saturday afternoon, which was AWESOME, We talked for almost an hour. I miss our 7 hour conversations. And I hate always feeling rushed while we are on the phone… gaah! But it was good.

A revelation I had last night as I was trying to fall asleep… I have had one hug since I got to Japan. My Puerto Rican friend who is a JET on Awaji is a hugger so it works. But chances are, I won’t have any physical contact with ANYONE during my stay in Japan. I am going to miss hugs.

So anyway, other than that… doing well for now. I miss everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Humidity

  1. Lets just say, that you have experienced the affect of Megan and Bandcamp a few more times than Andy, and well, I took all of that stress and clingyness out on him. I was a HUGE jerk and now he won’t talk to me. Not even one word. Won’t even answer his phone. Its killing me. Everyday my heart breaks just a little bit more when he ignores me. I thought he cared more for me…I hoped he could forgive me for being obnoxious and selfish, but maybe thats asking too much…I don’t know. I just want him to speak to me. I want him to hug me and kiss me and tell me he forgives me. I miss him SO much!


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