Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Hard to believe that I am a college grad. I don’t feel old enough to be done with school. The whole ceremony was amazing and surreal. Normally graduation ceremonies are long and dull… but there were fewer graduates this year AND the speaker for the ceremony was FUNNY, and to the point! He was pretty much amazing! I sat there and then walked across the stage. Going through the motions like everyone before me and everyone after me. It still didn’t seem real.

This past weekend I went to Ouray/Ridgeway to help with a 5 high school band festival. All five of these schools came together to play with each other. It was AMAZING. I’ve never had a clearer example of creating music within community can look like. I am in awe of the possibilities. I got to hang with 6 other girls and Mr. Dorn, and probably laughed harder and more frequently than I ever have before.

I’m going home this afternoon. And then I will be leaving tomorrow morning with my dad and we’re driving to Houston. Gonna meet my sister there and fly out of Ft Sam Houston Airport and will be arriving in Roatan, Honduras sometime Saturday afternoon. We are going SCUBA diving!  I’ll be there for a week, and then driving back from Texas with my dad. It’s going to be amazing to get away! When I get back from Honduras, I am going to Albuquerque with one of the most amazing people ever. 3 DAYS and two long car rides. WOW, I must be the luckiest girl EVER.

So bottom line, I’ll be gone for about two weeks before my next update. Try not to miss me too much 🙂 When I get back, I should have the location of where I will be teaching in Japan, so I can update everyone.

It’s raining outside. Gosh, spring is beautiful.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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