Ok, so I just had the most amazing weekend ever! I went skiing with my mom and dad at Wolf Creek, and my dad and I did 20 runs in one day!!! My mom was close with 17… but it was pretty stinkin’ awesome!

Other than feeling yucky, yesterday was actually pretty cool. It was a day of going through yearbooks… and I had this weirdo dream this weekend, which is why I started going through my yearbooks. I dreamt about people from middle school , I haven’t even thought about in years. A long story short, I ended up calling two guys ON THE PHONE last night. One was a guy I “dated” for 2 weeks and 2 days.. he remembered that actually. His name is Danny, and i honestly never thought i would ever talk to him again. He had Jimmy’s phone number (a guy I had the hugest crush on in 8th grade) and I ended up calling him and getting caught up with him too.

I can’t explain the awe I was in after talking with these guys. It’s like talking to someone you knew you’d never talk to again. Most times when I remember people from my past, I am forced to think ” wow I miss them, and I wish I could talk to them, but oh well.” and I have to get over it. Last night, I did something about it. You know, it took probably 3 hours to get information that ultimately led to getting Danny’s phone number. And Jimmy had fallen off the face of the Earth to everyone else I’d talked to. God is awesome! I found out they are both still single… ok, that’s the girl in me.

Who knows why people come into and out of our lives. I know that I actively put myself back in Jimmy and Danny’s lives last night, and I don’t think I would ever undo that. I plan on going to Virginia this summer. It’s been too long anyway. Only God knows.

That’s all for now.. time to get to work.

Real life suddenly seems so boring .

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  1. just wanted to say thanks for a great night! it was so much fun hanging out with ya! we should do this more often. again congrats about japan! i know you’ll have an incredible year there but remember you will be missed by many…including me.


  2. Aris, it’s Andrea!  It’s been a long time, my friend.  I stumbled across your blog site, and I wanted to say hi!!!  🙂  I hope you’re doing well!


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