There are only a few times in my life that I can remember getting news that made me feel like I was going to throw up, weep, and scream at the same time. Last night, I received an email from a professor saying that my final grade for a class I took last semester is in jeopardy. I don’t want to give specifics, because honestly… I’m tired of explaining and thinking about it. Bottom line is, I didn’t do what the prof said I did, and I have a meeting with him on Monday. Whether or not I get an F in the class for the semester and then if I do, whether or not I can take an independent study or if I have to take the class next fall… will ultimately decide what my plans for this summer, and then next fall, will be.

My seemingly organized life and planned out future.. at least for the next year has SERIOUSLY been shaken up. Trust me, when I got this news.. I cried. I don’t cry about much… but I cried about this.

I am no stranger to having my life take on a path other than what I had planned. I was reminded very quickly about a conversation I had not 3 days ago. In that conversation, I talked with this amazing guy till 3:30 AM New Year’s morning about the fact that we don’t know what could change in the next minute, and that no matter what… even if things don’t make sense, that there is a reason that everything happens. I’m trying to remember this. In the midst of tough issues, it’s hard to see perspective sometimes. Thank GOD I have my faith in Him.

So pray for me. This next week will be hard… but good! Praise God we can find joy in something that seems so awful. In my weakness I am made strong through Christ.

On to happier subjects!!

My break was AWESOME! As I said before, I went skiing with the fam at Wolf Creek…which ROCKED my FACE OFF. Then I drove to Texas with my sis and went to a reunion at the camp I worked at this summer. Oh WOW it was incredible!! Getting to see old familiar faces was amazing! I got to go sailing with one of my guy friends and then did a lot of dancing (SQUARE dancing!) And as I mentioned before, I had an AMAZING conversation with a guy I just met this year. He worked at the sports camp, so I never talked with him before… but we talked about all kinds of deep philosophical God stuff for 2 hours! We closed up cause we were the last two people out. WOW! Anyway, it was good to talk to him, and I hope he’ll keep in touch. God has great timing…. it was good to have that conversation when I did. I’ll keep you posted about that.

Well, I’m pretty exhausted. Needless to say, I didn’t get a great night sleep last night, and I have to go get ready for praise team practice.

1 thought on “Shaken

  1. I hope the situation with your class has cleared up and I’m glad that your ski trip rocked your face off.  And your reunion sounds amazing: sailing, square dancing…very cool.  Just as cool as your music.  I couldn’t believe what song it was at first. 


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