Home for Christmas

I am home. Again, to re emphasize how much my mom rocks my face off… she got up on our roof BY HERSELF to put lights on the house, and had the whole Christmas tree all decorated and EVERYTHING. She even had hot cocoa and popcorn for us when we walked in the door! Wow. It was like those Walgreen commercials that talk about ‘a place called perfect, but unfortunately we don’t live in a place called perfect and that’s why there’s Walgreens’…. except tonight, I lived in a place called perfect! For about 20 minutes. And then I got tired. The kind of tired you only get after packing and stressing out for a week, and then driving two hours home. the REALLY TIRED kind of tired.

So I am going to bed. I will have more to talk about tomorrow night.

Sweet dreams…. and think about all that is good.

4 thoughts on “Home for Christmas

  1. my mom still thinks it’s thansgiving for some reason…we’re so behind the times. i shall Christmasize my house this week even if i have to do it myself. Merry Christmas!


  2. It sounds like your mom definitely rocks an occasional face off.
    And sleep is soooo good =P.  I’m looking forward to Christmas!  I love this time of year. 
    Congratulations on finishing the semester, by the way. 


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